Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The Secret of Effective Article Marketing and Posting

Submitting articles to article submission sites may attract more individuals to your site, supply you with higher page rankings and, ultimately, make you more money. However, search engines like Google and article directories are getting tougher about the articles you submit. On this page we,SEO company India, offer you some tips on how to submit articles successfully.

Adjustments to the way search engines like Google and article submission sites work in modern times mean that article marketers must be a bit savvier about how they go about submitting their articles. At one time when you could write a good article, submit it to hundreds, otherwise thousands, of directories and observe your profits grow. These days it is not quite as simple.

The easiest way to get your article published on the lot of directories quickly is by using an article submission service. You are able to do it personally but this can be a laborious and tedious task, until you submit to merely a small number of directories.

There are numerous article submission services online, both free and paid, or you can invest in software that may do the job for you. These can be effective but there is a hazard that article directories will reject your content if they suspect you might be using an automated submission method. In the worst case scenario you're likely to be banned from submitting to the directory again.

So, if you are using an article submission service checks that their methods are not going to cause you difficulties with the directories. In case you are submitting articles yourself, usually do not submit too many articles to any one directory as well.

Duplicate content

A level bigger problem for article marketers is the major engines now penalize duplicate content. Previously you could submit articles to 100 article directories and the likes of Google and bing! would award you to have 100 backlinks aimed at your web. You would also be awarded in the event the article was found and employed by other websites. However, this has changed.

The major search engines can now recognize duplicate content. So, even when your article appears on 1,000 different websites in the end you only be awarded for just one backlink. You'll of course gain traffic that accesses your site directly through the link provided with your article. However, this makes it much more difficult to use article submissions as a search engine optimization tool.

The best way to get around this can be to submit an original version of every article you are writing to each article directory. Again, should you only submit articles to your small number of directories you can tweak each article yourself so you've a number of different versions. However, if you are submitting to hundreds of directories this can be out of the question.

It's not at all really known the amount of an article must be changed being unique. Some argue simply switching paragraphs in a article is plenty, while others think that the text from the paragraphs needs to be changed too.

There are many of possible ways of this problem. Many article writing and submission services happen to be quick to move to address this challenge. As well as submitting your articles to multiple article directories they will also create different versions of each one article in your case or provide you with a tool for this yourself.

Alternatively, you could invest in some software that assists with the re-writing of articles. These are also known as article spinning software and will automatically replace words with words of an similar meaning. For instance, the word 'small' could possibly be changed using the word 'little' and so on. However, the software program needs to be configured to take action manually. Others will still only change the order of paragraphs in articles. This will also be very time intensive and may not do enough to create the different versions unique in the eyes in the search engines.

One final option would be to get outside help. There are lots of websites for example and which you could post rewriting projects for ghost writers. The quality of the work will vary but rates can be quite cheap.

It may be a good idea to experiment with these methods and see how they do the job. You will have to invest some dough but it will probably be worth it if you realize a workable solution to duplicate content.

Writing and submitting articles and submitting these to article directories is as beneficial an advertising and marketing and SEO tool because it has have you ever been. However, doing the work successfully is a little trickier than it was before.


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